Eat: Roselle Desserts

There is a new dessert place near home. If I’m looking for some pretty, french-inspired pastries, look no further than Roselle Desserts.


I really enjoyed my experience at Duo Patisserie, but it’s such a drive to go there. So, I’m really happy that this little patisserie opened near home. Only opened in late-February Roselle is already local fixture in the up-and-coming Corktown neighbourhood.

DSC_1864DSC_1865I stopped by after grocery shopping and while I couldn’t stay to enjoy my dessert, nor able to get the soft serve ice cream (next time!!), I took home a piece of The Chocolate One, a layered cake of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge, dark chocolate ganache and crispy chocolate pearls. So decadent and not too sweet either.

It is nice treat for those once-in-awhile (or everyday, whatever floats your boat 🙂 ). Pricy, yes but there’s no denying how much labour and quality ingredients goes into these creations. The owners are locally trained, but worked in Michelin-starred restaurants abroad. You know you’re in good hands when it comes to these desserts.


UPDATE: I am currently in Los Angeles, recharging at a nearby hotel near LAX before boarding a late-night flight to Melbourne, Australia. I really dislike Air Canada, there’s always some delay or issues with them. My flight to LA was not only delayed, but they double booked some passengers. I got to my seat only to discover someone was sitting in it. I told the girl (she was probably 10 years old) that that was my seat (window seat) and she said it was hers and that I can sit in the middle seat, which I would have IF SOMEONE ELSE WASN’T ASSIGNED TO IT. It was eventually cleared up, but what was more WTF was the little girl has TWO tickets under her name, one was assigned to the middle seat next to mine and one that was assigned in the middle seat in front of my row.

Seriously Air Canada??

Edit: This is a revisit from October 2015:

IMG_2939SO. GOOD. Roselle Desserts infuses whole tea leaves and toast the milk for this decadent soft serve ice cream. I had it with all the fixings of lemon cream, earl grey cookie and white chocolate pearl. The lemon cream gave it a bit of a tart surprise. ❤

EDIT Sept. 17, 2016: The earl grey soft serve is no longer available (in fact, it came back for two weeks in August after overwhelming demand). Below are a few more desserts we’ve tried — some are seasonal and may not no longer be available at time of this edited post.

img_2617Buttermilk soft serve with Ontario strawberry coulis, caramelized graham and a tiny strawberry.

IMG_2618.jpgHello Summer: creamy vanilla cheesecake mousse, rhubarb compote and fresh Ontario strawberries.

img_2619Banana Cream Pie Éclair – vanilla bean custard, rum caramelized bananas, whipped white chocolate.

img_3355Earl Grey Take 2 – Valrhona Jivara milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea, bergamot creameux, tea flecked vanilla sponge, lemon and white chocolate feuilletine.

IMG_3724.jpgDark Belgian Chocolate soft serve – 70% Belgian chocolate with dark chocolate crispy pearls, salted chocolate sablé and fudge brownie at the bottom. Please note, the toppings are extra.

Cappuccino 🙂
Opera! ($7.50) – A French classic dessert, made with layers of almond jaconde biscuit, chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream.
Matcha Tiramisu – matcha mousse, housemade ladyfingers soaked in tea and saké and matcha custard. Was available during evening dessert and weekends.

Chocolate Millefeuille – housemade puff pastry, whipped Valrhona milk chocolate cream, dark chocolate cremeux and sprinkles of flaked sea salt. This was available during the evening/weekend dessert menu. The bites with hits of the sea salt really brings out the chocolate.

The ones below were only available for Easter. I have to admit, I was drawn to the bunny when I saw it on Instagram, so I went to get it and came back with two pastries. Living close to Roselle is dangerous.

Chocolate Puff  – dark chocolate custard and mini eggs

Hunny Bunny – raspberry mousse, raspberry lemon verbana cremeux and lemon curd.

Roselle Desserts
362 King St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1K9

Eat: Konnichiwa

At time of this post, Konnichiwa is currently closed due to a 5-alarm fire that occurred next door to the restaurant early this month. They are working on re-opening, but the question is when.

Konnichiwa used to be one of my favourite spot in Baldwin Village; this small, homey Japanese restaurant serves all sorts of traditional Japanese fare; you’ll find sushi, soupy noodle dishes, marinated grilled meat or seafood on rice, etc. Prices are a bit higher than the average Japanese restaurant though.

Sashimi Appetizer ($15.50). The menu states that you get about 10 pieces, but we definitely got more than 10. Fish was quite fresh and of good quality.

IMG_6626.jpgBarbecued Unagi ($20). It came with miso soup, rice and steamed vegetables.

Chirashi ($25) – sashimi and vegetables on seasoned rice. This is one of the most expensive chirashi I’ve had and frankly, not worth the price with the use of imitation crab. At $25, you shouldn’t use imitation crab. For $3 extra, the chirashi I had at Hana No Yuzu (although a much more higher-end Japanese restaurant…) had sea urchin in it.

IMG_6633.jpgMaple Tofu dessert. Soft tofu, maple syrup and green tea ice cream. Our green tea ice cream had freezer burn. 😐

I’d still go back to Konnichiwa, their ramen and udon soups are one of their best dishes on the menu, while other dishes are best avoided.

31 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1L2

Eat: Nando’s (Queen West location)

As an international chain, you should know Nando’s and how good (or not) their flame-grilled peri-peri chicken is. After all, their chicken is marinated for 24 hours. Even though I’ve heard good things about Nando’s, I’ve never had their food.

If you’ve never had Nando’s, as a Nando’s newbie, here is my advice: do not get the ¼ chicken if you’re hungry, because isn’t enough!

One bite… and it’s done!

I got the Lemon & Herb with PERi-PERi vegetables (¼  chicken with side is $10.85). The lemon and herb sauce isn’t spicy, rather it’s a bit tart and earthy from the herbs.

741 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1G1