Eat: Bar Ape

Bar Ape (pronounced as BAR AH-PAY), good thing you are not close to home, because I would visit everyday.

Bar Ape makes gelato with seasonal and inventive flavours. Formerly a small truck that goes around the city selling gelato bars, now they have a non-mobile location offering what they do best and soft serve gelato.

Straight-up $5, no tax. Pints to-go are $10 each. Cash only.


On our visit, it was pouring rain. Torrential rain. Hong Kong and Taipei has taught me that no matter how hard the rain it, it shouldn’t stop me from getting what I want — gelato!

IMG_3291Ontario Yellow Plum soft serve.


Watermelon and chive gelato bar. While it may seem like an odd combination, it somehow works. Strong taste of watermelon with little hints of chive. Nothing overpowering.

Y’know, you are on the way home from work…

img_3891Orange Sorbet. ❤

Passionfruit and Guava twist
Ontario apricot and blueberry twist
Cucumber and Cantaloupe twist


Bar Ape
283 Rushton Rd.
Toronto, ON M
M6C 2X6


Eat: Fugo Desserts


As of this post, Fugo Desserts has changed their business from just ice cream and frozen desserts to also offering donuts.

This was back in the Spring/Summer of 2017 when my brother and I had dinner and we impulsively decided on Fugo Desserts for after dinner treat.

The Cookie Monster ice cream was something my brother wanted to try, based on absurdy, but it was very Instagram-worthy at the time. Quite frankly, it was blue ice cream that stained your mouth and lips blue.

Cookie Monster – two scoops of cookie monster ice cream, Oreo Fugo cone and mini Chips Ahoy
HK Milk Tea – a black milk tea in Hong Kong style

I did enjoy their HK Milk Tea, it had a strong HK milk tea flavour that took me back to Hong Kong.

Fugo Desserts
205 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON M5G 1C8