Eat: Roselle Desserts

There is a new dessert place near home. If I’m looking for some pretty, french-inspired pastries, look no further than Roselle Desserts.


I really enjoyed my experience at Duo Patisserie, but it’s such a drive to go there. So, I’m really happy that this little patisserie opened near home. Only opened in late-February Roselle is already local fixture in the up-and-coming Corktown neighbourhood.

DSC_1864DSC_1865I stopped by after grocery shopping and while I couldn’t stay to enjoy my dessert, nor able to get the soft serve ice cream (next time!!), I took home a piece of The Chocolate One, a layered cake of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge, dark chocolate ganache and crispy chocolate pearls. So decadent and not too sweet either.

It is nice treat for those once-in-awhile (or everyday, whatever floats your boat 🙂 ). Pricy, yes but there’s no denying how much labour and quality ingredients goes into these creations. The owners are locally trained, but worked in Michelin-starred restaurants abroad. You know you’re in good hands when it comes to these desserts.


UPDATE: I am currently in Los Angeles, recharging at a nearby hotel near LAX before boarding a late-night flight to Melbourne, Australia. I really dislike Air Canada, there’s always some delay or issues with them. My flight to LA was not only delayed, but they double booked some passengers. I got to my seat only to discover someone was sitting in it. I told the girl (she was probably 10 years old) that that was my seat (window seat) and she said it was hers and that I can sit in the middle seat, which I would have IF SOMEONE ELSE WASN’T ASSIGNED TO IT. It was eventually cleared up, but what was more WTF was the little girl has TWO tickets under her name, one was assigned to the middle seat next to mine and one that was assigned in the middle seat in front of my row.

Seriously Air Canada??

Edit: This is a revisit from October 2015:

IMG_2939SO. GOOD. Roselle Desserts infuses whole tea leaves and toast the milk for this decadent soft serve ice cream. I had it with all the fixings of lemon cream, earl grey cookie and white chocolate pearl. The lemon cream gave it a bit of a tart surprise. ❤

Edit Sept. 17, 2016: The earl grey soft serve is no longer available (in fact, it came back for two weeks in August after overwhelming demand). Below are a few more desserts we’ve tried — some are seasonal and may not no longer be available at time of this edited post.

img_2617Buttermilk soft serve with Ontario strawberry coulis, caramelized graham and a tiny strawberry.

IMG_2618.jpgHello Summer: creamy vanilla cheesecake mousse, rhubarb compote and fresh Ontario strawberries.

img_2619Banana Cream Pie Éclair – vanilla bean custard, rum caramelized bananas, whipped white chocolate.

img_3355Earl Grey Take 2 – Valrhona Jivara milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea, bergamot creameux, tea flecked vanilla sponge, lemon and white chocolate feuilletine.

IMG_3724.jpgDark Belgian Chocolate soft serve – 70% Belgian chocolate with dark chocolate crispy pearls, salted chocolate sablĂ© and fudge brownie at the bottom. Please note, the toppings are extra.

Cappuccino 🙂
Opera! ($7.50) – A French classic dessert, made with layers of almond jaconde biscuit, chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream.
Matcha Tiramisu – matcha mousse, housemade ladyfingers soaked in tea and sakĂ© and matcha custard. Was available during evening dessert and weekends.

Chocolate Millefeuille – housemade puff pastry, whipped Valrhona milk chocolate cream, dark chocolate cremeux and sprinkles of flaked sea salt. This was available during the evening/weekend dessert menu. The bites with hits of the sea salt really brings out the chocolate.

The ones below were only available for Easter. I have to admit, I was drawn to the bunny when I saw it on Instagram, so I went to get it and came back with two pastries. Living close to Roselle is dangerous.

Chocolate Puff  – dark chocolate custard and mini eggs

Hunny Bunny – raspberry mousse, raspberry lemon verbana cremeux and lemon curd.

From June 2017: The mango and passionfruit dessert was available in their evening menu, no longer available.

Mango Pavlova – Kesar mango cremeux, coconut cream, roasted coconut flakes, fresh Ataulfo mango.
Vanilla Passionfruit Millefeuille – housemade puff pastry vanilla creme patissiere, passionfruit curd, fresh passionfruit
Bella – milk chocolate orange blossom mousse, passionfruit cremeux, orange blossom scented spongecake and soft coconut cream


For Valentine’s Day 2018:

Rose Cake – Raspberry rose mousse, vanilla and lychee (piece of lychee!)

For Easter, Roselle created Easter Eggs that had goodies inside. Each egg that were made is individually painted, casted in white or milk chocolate (the milk chocolate isn’t as colourful and is dusted with lustre). It was filled with chocolate hazelnut caramels, mango passionfruit caramels and Earl grey meltaways.

MVIMG_20180403_195635 copy.jpg

Edit: More desserts from Roselle we’ve tried!

This became our new favourite at Roselle: Black Sesame Eclair – whipped black sesame cream, sesame praline, milk chocolate cremeux and roasted hazelnut.

Just Peachy Tart – yogurt peach mousse, custard, fresh Niagara peaches, housemade Ontario raspberry jam, lemon verbena and toasted almonds.

Pistachio Honey St. HonorĂ© – mini choux, pistachio mousse, crystallized honey, fresh cream, house made puff pastry. This is the older version of the pastry, it’s now circular.

Latte Tart – toasted milk cremeux, espresso cream, roasted white chocolate whipped ganache, espresso soaked vanilla sponge, almond tart shell
Ah, canalé
Originating from Bordeaux, France, the canalé is quite a special pastry. Outside, it’s a crunchy, caramelized shell. Cut it in half and you’ll find a soft, custardy  sponge interior. Together, you get flavours of sweet, eggy custard, vanilla and rum.

I hyperventilated when Roselle and Bar Ape were collaborating, I mean, my two favourites coming together for limited time soft serve?! <3. I’m hoping they will collaborate again next year.

Bar Ape’s Ontario Blueberry and Roselle’s Earl Grey Twist. This was love. Pure love.

Bar Ape’s Ontario Peaches and Roselle’s Buttermilk. I’m not a fan of buttermilk so I opted for the Ontario peaches. Jeff said the twist has a good balance.

Madeleines ($2.50 each) – classic French tea cake with lemon or raspberry glaze.

A small quantity of madeleines are made; if you see them, snag a few! These soft, buttery little cakes with hints of tartness are best eaten fresh.

Edit: Fun fact… I share the same birthday as Roselle. This year, they celebrated their fourth year in business. We dropped by a piece (or two!) of cake.

Birthday Cake Cake ($7.00) – sprinkle studded buttermilk cake with whipped white chocolate and passionfruit cremeux.

The Birthday Cake can be ordered as a whole cake for special occasions, but the sliced cake is available whenever it’s a staff birthday, the shop’s birthday, etc. I love that it isn’t too sweet and the passionfruit creme gives it a nice zing in every bite.

Choco-Hazel ($8) – milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline and dacquoise, dark I’vchocolate puffed rice.

Edit: I have almost tried every single items at Roselle haha

IMG_20190509_185857 copy
SoufflĂ© Cookie ($3.25) – dark chocolate cookie with a hint of espresso

The SoufflĂ© Cookie is on their permanent offering. It’s a soft cookie, but I did find it a tad sweet.

Chocolate Raspberry Tart (Mother’s Day 2019, $7.50) – House-made raspberry jam, 70% dark chocolate ganache, freeze-dried raspberries, cocoa nibs on a dark chocolate sable tart shell.

For Mother’s Day, Roselle made two pastries: a passionfruit one and this chocolate raspberry tart. I wanted to get the passionfruit to bring to my parents for Mother’s Day dinner, but they ran out. Nonetheless, the tart was still good. Rich, decadent chocolate with the raspberry to cut the richness.

Flix Mix ($6.25) – clusters of white chocolate, raspberry, earl grey covered Golden Graham cookies, toasted almonds and house made shortbread.

Flix Mix is so. Darn. Good. For an earl grey lover, this is one of those things that you can’t stop eating.

Edit: Since Roselle West opened, there has been a bit more offerings in the OG East location like croissants (which you can find at the West location too, because it’s all baked there).

Bostock ($4.75) – baked brioche with almond cream, orange blossom syrup and sliced almonds.  Twice-Baked Almond Croissant ($4.75). The Bostock is like a sponge; nutty with hints of orange.

Ontario peach season is pretty much over, but Jeff and I were able to try a peachy dessert during their evening dessert service.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190907200226498_COVER copy
Vanilla Peach Sundae ($8) – housemade vanilla soft-serve, creme Anglaise sauce, choux pastry bits and fresh Ontario peaches.

Edit: For the 2019 holiday season, I picked up the Holiday Cookie Tin.

Cardamom Almond Shortie (cardamom scented shortbread with roasted almond), Eggnog Meringue (vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg), Gingerbread Sammie (gingerbread spiced cookies, roasted white chocolate ganache and candied ginger bits), Chocolate Almond Thumbprint (cocoa cookies with dark chocolate almond chunk and sea salt), White Chocolate Candy Cane Shortie (butter shortbread, sprinkled with white chocolate chunks and candy cane bits) and Strawberry Vanilla Thumbprint (buttery vanilla shortbread with house-made strawberry jelly).

Edit: Jeff’s go-to croissant from Roselle is the Twice Baked Almond ($4.50). Available at both locations.

IMG_20191201_101137 copy

Edit: The Flix Mix is one of my guilty pleasures. When Roselle came out with a Dark Flix Mix with chocolate and coffee… oh boy.

Dark Flix Mix – crunchy dark chocolate cookies, roasted hazelnuts and almonds, tossed in 70% Belgian dark chocolate and DeMello (local coffee roaster) espresso

Edit: At this point, we pretty much tried everything from Roselle, haha.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200214192145926_COVER copy
Lemon Tart ($8) – lemon curd, toasted meringue and almond tart
IMG_20200214_192348 copy
Paradise ($8) – Lime coconut white chocolate mousse, mango passionfruit cremeux and coconut meringue biscuit

IMG_20200214_192325 copy

Roselle Desserts
362 King St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1K9

Visit: Gusta Cooking Studio (Markham)

One of the activities during out girls weekend getaway was a visit to Gusta Cooking Studio in Markham.

Gusta Cooking Studio offers interactive cooking classes that range from everyday baking to fancy plates. Classes are available for kids, beginners and intermediate home cooks.

We took the Mille-feuille/Napoleon with Supermarket Puff Pastry and Summer Fruits class, which has a difficult level of 1. For me, I’ve always thought mille-feuille is a hard dessert to do, so I was surprised to learn that it’s a level 1 class.

We were taught how to deal with store-bought puff pastry. The instructors have already pre-baked puff pastries prior to the class. The duration is only 1.5 hours, so prepping puff pastry, baking it and waiting for it to cool would have tested our patience.

We did make the cream from scratch; the instructors provide a hand mixer and a whisk for anyone who wanted to try both or one of the other. The girls and I opted for the hand whisk for a little competition on who can whip cream the fastest.

We then assembled our mille-feuille dessert. I am not good at pipping; I remember only trying it once and made a huge mess. The class taught us some techniques, which was so helpful. My piping and decorating skills need work, but I’m quite happy with how my dessert turned out.

The best part of the class is getting to take home the dessert, and it wasn’t a small size dessert either.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200229193318118_COVER copy

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I like how small the class is, the informative instructions and tips, and the instructors were personable. I would definitely go to their other classes.

Currently, there are no classes being offered during COVID-19 situation.

Gusta Cooking Studio
16-28 Crown Steel Dr.
Markham, ON
L3R 9Y1

Eat: Kaikaki Japanese Restaurant

On our way back home from our Blue Mountain weekend trip, we stopped by Kaikaki Japanese Restaurant, located in a plaza at the corner of Bayview and Cummer.

The restaurant serves Japanese dishes, as well as some Korean dishes.

I opted for a Sashimi and Sushi lunch set.

IMG_20200229_130648 copy
Sushi and Sashimi Lunch ($13.99) – 6 pieces sashimi, 4 pieces sushi and 6 pieces California rolls. The lunch set also comes with salad and miso soup.

Nothing special about the lunch set, but it’s a budget-friendly lunch.

Kaikaki Japanese Restaurant
3307 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, ON
M2N 6J4