Eat: The Black Hoof

Listed as one of the restaurants I want to try, I finally had the opportunity to put aside my vegetarian side and allow my carnivore side run wild (not really) at The Black Hoof.

With my brother who is reluctantly, my food buddy, we ventured in with the intent of eating something we never ate before. I have heard plenty of good things about The Black Hoof prior to going, specializing in the odd bits of animals (as a Chinese-Vietnamese, I am not foreign to offals).

We went pretty early, around 6:00pm on last Sunday and they had empty seats by the window, which provided good lighting to make Horse Tartare look appealing. 😉

Loading up on the alcohol, in case the Horse Tartare taste disgusting, at least you can drink something to make you forget how bad it is.*

The Horse Tartare. I was really skeptical at trying this at first, not because the idea of eating horse meat is scary (weird yes, but not scary) but I assumed it would have a weird aftertaste like lamb. However, it’s just like beef, just leaner. It’s served with fried garlic, soy mayo, shimeji mushrooms, garlic scapes, olive oil and other ingredients I don’t remember (the server explains what’s on the plate when they bring it to you).

For the main, I ordered the scallop and oxtail. If I recall, it’s seared scallops, oxtail croquette (breaded) in some peanut thing. An odd combination but delicious nonetheless.

My brother got the waffles and foie. Consisted of butternut squash, foie gras, buttermilk waffle in a mustard and maple syrup. I felt I had a better foie gras experience at Beckta in Ottawa with my boyfriend as the foie I had there cut like butter and wasn’t complicated; the focus was on the foie, whereas the foie at The Black Hoof was too much.

Dessert. Don’t remember what it is, but it has rhubarb and blood orange. I’m all for blood oranges. It was too sweet and nothing special. Best to forgo desserts at The Black Hoof.

I liked The Black Hoof for it’s creativity in making the off-cuts of animals look and taste presentable. It’s definitely a great place to try new things as it pushes your comfort zone with food. Whether it warrants a second visit really depends on you.

*You’d need more than just a glass.

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON
M6J 1W3

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