Eat: Belmonte Raw

A few weekends ago, my brother and I had lunch at Belmonte Raw, a raw food eatery located in Leslieville, just a bit east of Pape. Carnivores will hide and my grandma is probably turning in her grave because she cooked everything, including lettuce, which ironically in Chinese translates to “raw vegetable”.

The raw food diet is essentially a lifestyle, if you will. Nothing is cooked as nutrients are lost. Only vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds are used. It could include meat and fish as well, depending on what you choose to follow. The end result is that you’ll feel more energetic and healthy physically and mentally.

We are not planning to join the raw food movement nor advocating it. Personally, being a vegan is as far as I will go. There are days when all I want to munch on is vegetables, which is why I keep buying hummus so I wouldn’t feel like a total rabbit.

The eatery itself has seating for less than 10 people. In terms of food, it’s quite limited, and likely changes daily (there was only three choices when we were there). There are more options for juice and smoothies, which are between $10-$12+

I had the kale and pesto salad ($14), which had kale, tomato, red onions, sprouted beans, cashew, goji berries, hemp seeds with sunflower pesto sauce. I also got their readily made juices (small – $5). It was labeled as “Refresh” and had apple, beet, lemon, carrot and ginger. I found it too gingery.

My brother had a veggie wrap ($14), which had carrots, jicama, red peppers, sprouts, creamy dill cashew sauce all wrapped in a collard green leaf.

Overall, I thought it was okay. There’s nothing really special about the kale salad (and I LOVE kale!). Sure, it has a bunch of stuff that is good for you, but at the end of the day, a salad is a salad. As for the wrap, it is basically a salad wrapped in a salad, lying on a bed of salad.

Plus, it was expensive. So imagine having to eat like this everyday to feel the results of a raw food diet. Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll stick with my hummus and baby carrots.

Belmonte Raw
1022 Queen St., E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1K3


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