Eat: Momofuku Noodle Bar

(Please note, this is a post from my tumblr that I will be closing, and I’d like to save a few posts by re-posting here. Momofuku opened in Toronto in late September 2012, I ate there a few days after it opened).

When I heard David Chang of the famed Momofuku empire was opening up a few restaurants in Toronto, I got a little excited. I never had the opportunity to go to the original New York location, but it is okay; I am able to try the signature pork buns without having to cross the border!


I met up with my two best friends after work outside the Shangri-La. It was an approximate 40 minutes wait (they don’t take reservations), and we opted to wait upstairs on the second floor where their Nikai Bar & Lounge was located.

We were notified of available seating via text message and were seated in front of the kitchen, where you can see chefs prepare bowls of ramen.


Momofuku’s signature pork buns. SO. GOOD. Can you believe it’s only pork belly, pickled cucumbers, green onions, hoisin sauce and sriracha sauce sandwiched in a steam bun?

ImageOne of my best friend ordered the chicken and egg rice. She found it was an okay dish.


Both myself and my other best friend ordered the Momofuku ramen. Consisted of pork belly, shredded pork shoulder, pickled cabbage, fish cake & egg. The broth didn’t have much pork favour like a typical ramen should have. Overall, it was only an okay bowl of ramen, and I’m probably being a bit generous.

Despite the fact there’s a large amount of excitement about this place, I probably will not be back anytime soon. Value-wise, you wouldn’t find it here: $15 for a bowl of ramen, $10 for 2 pork buns. Taste-wise, it really depends. I personally love the pork buns, and it was the only thing that saved my experience at Momofuku. Sadly, it’s not a place to go to for a delicious bowl of ramen.

Momofuku Noodle Bar
190 University Avenue (Ground floor)
Toronto, ON
M5H 0A3

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