Eat: TenTen

One thing I love about living close to Leslieville is the abundance of places for brunch; you’re never short of choices when you are craving for an eggs Benedict or a classic home style breakfast after a really late night out.

I noticed back in Fall 2012 next door to The Upper Crust had a liquor license application stuck to the large front window etched with “TenTen”, aptly named due to its street number, 1010 Queen St. East.

Needless to say with it’s bright yellow facade it shared with The Upper Crust, TenTen is by the same people who runs the neighbouring cafe. I’ve never ate at The Upper Crust before as every time I walk by it, it didn’t look like it had very much to offer.

TenTen quietly opened in the winter, but I hadn’t had a chance to visit until recently for brunch, where they offer your typical egg breakfast fare of scrambled eggs, eggs Benedict, etc., but perhaps healthier version. As well, instead of egg benedict served on English muffin, it was served on a croissant.


I ordered the egg white frittata with roasted vegetables. Consisted of white button mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes and parsley, with sweet potato cake and various sliced fruit.  It is an okay frittata at best; I wished it was seasoned more as egg whites itself practically taste like nothing.

It is a nice, simple place but it’s not the place in Leslieville for brunch.

Ten Ten Restaurant
1010 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON


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