DIY: String Light Pendant

(Another re-post from my tumblr)

I saw these light fixtures last year in when I was at a local coffee shop and thought it might be something people can make without having to spend hundreds. I didn’t want to spend $200 on a light fixture (although it is much nicer and sturdier than a homemade one), so my goal was to make it less than $20, if possible.

I looked up at a few DIY blogs to get a sense of what I needed. A ball or a balloon, yarn or string, light and cord, and fabric stiffener. One thing I could not find was fabric stiffener so mixing glue, water and cornstarch would have to suffice.

It is a two-person job, so I enlisted my brother’s help. It’s also a messy project.


We blew up a spherical balloon that we got at a local party supply store for $6.00 to about two feet and used cable tie to secure the balloon. We also applied petroleum jelly all over the balloon to prevent the string from completely sticking to the surface.


We poured the glue mixture in a bowl and I covered the thread (150 yards of lightweight cotton crochet thread for $4.00 from Michaels. Don’t remember what brand of thread it is…) in mixture while my brother wrapped the thread around the balloon. We decided to tie the ends to the balloon as we are going to cut a hole once dried.


After leaving to dry for 24 hours, we cut a small hole in a balloon to safely deflate it. Then, we cut an opening at the top of the sphere that is just big enough for a hand to reach in in the case one has to change the light bulb. We weaved some thread around the opening to make it more stable. I picked up a cord set from IKEA ($6.00). To secure the cord to the pendant, my brother cut out circles from a cardboard and created slits to insert the wire.



Absolutely doable for $20. It’s not a hard project, just a bit labour intensive.


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