Eat: Hammersmith’s

Hammersmith’s opened in 2011 at the corner of Logan and Gerrard in East Chinatown. I have always walked by this corner on my way to high school where it used to house an old diner that I rarely saw opened. Seeing Hammersmith’s was a welcome sight to the neighbourhood.

The space itself is very minimal and exposed to the open, from the large windows to the small open kitchen. You won’t find Eggs Benedict or homestyle breakfast in this place, but simple yet innovative food that focuses on local and seasonal ingredients. They do have a nice selection of teas and good looking array of baked goods. I was tempted, but saved my tummy for brunch fare!


I ordered the Smoked Bacon Omelette ($11) with small bits of bacon and white cheddar. It was more of a pocket than an omelette, but it was really good. I’m not a cheese person, and if given a choice, I’d opt it out of my food but the melted cheddar didn’t overpower this omelette. The arugula salad help kept this plate light and refreshing.

I have heard they have decent scones here, it’ll definitely be the item to try for my next visit (with tea, of course!).

807 Gerrrard St., E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1Y5


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