Eat: Lil’ Baci

Having passed by Lil’ Baci whenever I am in Leslieville, I decided it was time to try the place. It is one of the places in Leslieville to eat for brunch and upon looking at the menu, they kept it small and simple.

Lil’ Baci describes itself as an Italian eatery and pizzeria. I came here with my two best friends for brunch. However, I wasn’t there for egg breakfasts; I was there for their pizzas.

One of my friend ordered an egg fiorentina, while my other friend and I decided to share a pizza. Even though the pizza section on their brunch menu had seven choices, we were indecisive and asked our server for recommendations, to which she suggested her favourite, the Pappa.

The Pappa is your typical proscuitto and arugula pizza with tomato and basil, but instead of using mozzerella, they used scamorza.

It was decently sized and enough for us two. It had a nice thin crust and fresh toppings. The prosciutto? Don’t even get me started… I can eat prosciutto by itself any day. Overall, it was a good, simple pizza.

Lil’ Baci
892 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1J2

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