Eat: Richmond Station

Had a little dinner date with my boyfriend last Wednesday at Richmond Station, which is on my list of restaurants to try. As the first restaurant opened by Carl Heinrich (winner of Top Chef Canada season 2) and Ryan Donovan (both from Marben), it was an opportunity to potentially watch the chef in action.

My luck with trying to dine at Richmond Station didn’t happen until the third attempt. Third time’s a charm!

The first attempt was to host my 25th birthday at the restaurant. With a group of 10, there was no problem accommodating… at 8:00pm. With most of us having 9-5 jobs, we tend to get pretty hungry by the time the clock hits 5:00. Having a late dinner was somewhat out of the question, especially if we couldn’t enjoy the food had we ate something between 5-8 just to satiate our hunger.

The second attempt was a poor oversight on my part. My boyfriend and I were around the area one Sunday evening to which I suggested we go eat at Richmond Station. When we got there, they were closed. They are not open on Sundays.

The third attempt was after a short shopping excursion after work with my boyfriend, who needed to buy more dress shirts. He suggested we take a chance on Richmond Station. Knowing my luck and the fact that we may not be able to get in without a reservation, I suggested we should just go elsewhere. He, being the type to not give up dragged my reluctant butt, saying we should just try, if we can’t get in, we will go elsewhere. As we get closer to the restaurant, seeing the large circular window dark with no indication of light shining out, my heart began to sank as I kept saying the place is closed until I saw people walk out.

Question now is, can we even get a seat? When we went in, we were told there is seating at the bar, but it would be a 10 minute wait. At this point, both my boyfriend and I are proficient at eating at the bar when it’s the only space available. However, that meant we were unable to sit close to their open kitchen to watch the food being cooked and prepped. No complaints though, we’ll take what we can get, and I much prefer sitting beside him than across.

There were a few items on the menu that was no longer available, our server explained that they were in the process of changing their menu due to the season. I wanted the Orecchiette with wild boar ragu, but it was one of the items not available. There was a large chalkboard near the entrance listing daily specials. I ordered the Orecchiette with spicy sausage, tomatoes, asparagus and pickled chili off the chalkboard (I opted for no cheese), while he ordered the mushroom fettuccine.

It took awhile for our food to get to us, but our server was very attentive, telling us there was a bit of a hick up in the kitchen but our food was coming soon. As we munched on complimentary bread, I spotted the Carl Heinrich himself.

The Orecchiette is probably one of my favourite dish I had to date (excuse the quality, it was taken using my BlackBerry Bold). It’s not a heavy dish, I found it to be a good balanced dish with the light tomato sauce, handmade orecchiette and pieces of spicy sausage. Even with no meat on his dish, my boyfriend found his fettuccine to be so delicious, he scarfed it down.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Richmond Station. There’s no need to dress up, for the casual, low-key atmosphere gives the restaurant a comfortable vibe to enjoy the food.

Richmond Station
1 Richmond St.,W.
Toronto, ON.
M5H 3W4


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