Eat: A-OK Foods

Opened by the same people of Yours Truly, a restaurant that focuses on tasting menus, A-OK Foods is a snack bar, serving dishes of Asian and Latin flavours. A-OK Foods is scheduled to close at the end of the month, and it is unknown whether it will be reopened at another location, or what will be done to the space. However, during my visit with my brother, we heard that they may consider expanding Yours Truly. Who knows?


ImageWe drop by during lunch hour on a Sunday to find it wasn’t busy at all. It may be difficult to find the restaurant as they do not have a large sign. The interior is kept pretty simple, and I thought the wood shingled walls was unique. The restaurant has mostly long green communal picnic tables, it’s not a great place for a date, so do expect to bump elbows with a stranger when it’s busy.


ImageWe ordered the Chino Wings to start. It was about 6 pieces of fried chicken wings and drumsticks in Sichuan salt, shichimi and chilli vinaigrette to dip. The chicken was nicely marinated and the salt, sichimi and vinaigrette was a nice salty, sweet and spicy combination. I can definitely eat this alone.

ImageMy brother got the Sichuan Tofu, which consist of housemade noodles, sesame and Sichuan chili oil, marinated tofu, spinach, scallions and sesame seeds all served cold. While their housemade noodles are handmade and aged up to three days, which gives it a nice chewy texture, there is nothing special about this dish.

ImageI ordered the Shoyu Ramen, which has their housemade noodles, chicken broth, soy tare, garlic, duck fat, grilled pork belly, nori, scallions, goji berries and an egg. Again the noodles was chewy, which I like but I preferred my ramen noodle to be a little curly, like how ramen noodles are suppose to be. The broth is light and less complex than other ramen places, given they use chicken broth than the usual pork based broth. I thought the Shoyu Ramen was just okay. However, the soft-boiled egg is just perfect– yolk not overcooked.

ImageOverall, A-OK Foods is just, A-OK. I’ll definitely miss their Chino Wings and that perfect egg.

A-OK Foods
930 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON
M6J 2V1


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