Eat: Andrea’s Gerrard St. Bakery

Nestled in the hustle and bustle of east Chinatown lies Andrea’s Gerrard St. Bakery,  an odd location for a bakery when there are four or five Chinese bakeries in the area but somehow it works. Why? Because there’s no other bakery just like it in the area.

They are known for their scones, and my brother finds their butter tarts one of the best butter tarts he’s ever eaten. As for myself, I always go for their 4″ flourless chocolate wee cake. I usually buy it for birthdays, which oddly enough has replaced the typical Chinese birthday cake my family used to get. It is decadent and not overly sweet, which is perfect because my parents are not fond of extremely sweet desserts.

ImageIt’s definitely a gem in the neighbourhood.

Edit: This is a revisit from July 2014:

With the weather here in Toronto unstable, what better way to cool oneself off on a sunny, beautiful yet muggy day, or cheer oneself up after forgetting an umbrella during a torrential downpour than an ice cream sandwich?

I’m quite loving this food trend (ugh, but it’s true!), and I am still dreaming about Bang Bang Ice Cream.

Andreas-ice2I’ve discussed about Andrea’s Gerrard Street Bakery (here), and while I haven’t tried a lot of the baked stuff, I was excited to learn that they had ice cream sandwiches in the midst of Chinatown.

Andreas-ice1Andrea’s only had one offering, the brown bread ice cream with double chocolate cookies. It was a huge ice cream sandwich, but it was perfect for sharing. I was relieved the dark chocolate cookie held the ice cream together nicely after breaking it in half, which meant less of a mess unlike the Bang Bang Ice Cream experience. I never had brown bread ice cream, much less even know such thing exist, but it was really good. There were hints of caramel sweetness to the ice cream, perhaps they caramelized the bread bits.

The sandwich was pre-assembled and taken out of the freezer, which hardened the ice cream and cookies, so best to let it settle in room temperature for a few minutes before taking a bite.

Andrea’s Gerrard St. Bakery
635 Gerrard St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1Y3


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