Eat: Lil’ Baci Taverna

Last Saturday, I had a dentist appointment, which took me to midtown Toronto. My usual habit after the dentist is grabbing a drink at Starbucks, which its a short walk away from my dentist and defeats the purpose of visiting my dentist in the first place.

This time my brother made me break my habit by taking me to lunch to Lil’ Baci’s second location, which is three or four stores down from the dental office.


ImageThe well-priced Italian fare menu is pretty much the same as the Leslieville location, but the space is a little more spacious and airy.

ImageI ordered the Marinara pizza, which has no cheese. Aside from needing more basil, my stomach was happy.

ImageMy brother ordered the Italian BLT, comes with pancetta, arugula, house mayo and roasted cherry tomatoes.

ImageAlso, they serve free still Q water!

Lil’ Baci Taverna
2013 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M4S 1Z9


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