Eat: JaBistro

ImageLast night, my best friends and I had dinner at JaBistro, a Japanese restaurant in the Entertainment District. JaBistro is easily spottable by their mascot, An-Chan, the footballfish, which is their adorable take on pretty ugly looking fish.

ImageWhile they have very limited (only 3) in selection, I appreciated that they had virgin drinks on their drinks menu (you don’t need alcohol drinks to have fun). We started with their green tea mojito, with matcha syrup, simple syrup, lime, mint and soda, which was refreshing.

ImageNext was their signature roll, the JaBistroll ($22), with salmon, snowcrab, uni, tobiko and cucumber. With this roll, there is no need to dip soy sauce, as they slightly torched the roll to give it a smoky flavour. There are all sorts of flavours and texture with this roll. Highly recommend.

ImageMy friend chose the Buta, based on the name of the dish, and not what is the dish is. I thought this pork loin dish was good, but not a highlight on the menu.

ImageThe pièce de résistance is the sashimi platter. JaBistro has a $50 platter and a $100 platter. We chose the $100 one, and for $30 extra, we also got lobster miso soup. It may not have been good value, but the miso soup was so full of lobster flavour, I really wanted a second bowl.
ImageI like the presentation of the platter, and I believe they have different presentations of it. Lots of variety of sashimi from otoro (tuna belly), and lobster. Each type had at most three pieces, which was perfect for us.

Overall, I loved JaBistro. Service was attentive and the sashimi was one of the freshest I’ve ever had. The restaurant is definitely not budget-friendly, so it is best saved for a special occasion.

Also, I’d like to also add that JaBistro serves Bluefin tuna, if you are conscious about endangered species, perhaps you can request not to have it.

Edit: This is a revisit on September 2016.

Been awhile since I last visited JaBistro. The menu has changed, but the quality is still up on the scale, given that it is at a premium price.

IMG_3358.jpgSashimi platter.

The Aburicious ($20). Aburi is pressed and blowtorched sushi. This set comes with two pieces each of ebi oshizushi (tiger shrimp), saba oshizushi (cured mackerel), salmon oshizushi and JaBistroll (salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber and tobiko). Comes with two each and a good value as if you were to get them individually, it would have ranged around $14-$16). The Aburicious allows you to try most of their aburi sushi.

IMG_3366.jpgWagyu beef oshizushi ($24).

Because of the blowtorch, it gives the aburi sushi a slight smoky flavour.

222 Richmond St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 1W4


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