Eat: Von Doughnuts

After the closing of Paulette’s (Paulette’s doughnuts are still available at Delica Kitchen, but in limited flavours), the gourmet doughnut market became slim in the east-end again, until Von Doughnuts opened on the Danforth.

Unlike Paulette’s doughnuts that are only cake-based, Von Doughnuts offer cake-based and raised doughnuts in sweet, savoury and even spiked doughnuts.

They offer about 20 doughnuts, and it is best to check their website to see what is available the day of. As well, it is best to go early for better selection. My brother and I went yesterday around 11:00am and some of the flavours were sold out.

At $2.85/doughnut, it’s expensive but they are quite huge, especially the raised doughnuts compared to the cake-based ones. We got half dozen.


Top (L-R):
Wake Me Up – Raised doughnut, mocha ganache dipped, hazelnut drizzle, toasted hazelnuts.
Enjoy-Mint – Chocolate cake doughnut, mint dipped, Valrhona chocolate chunks
Dill-Dough – Fresh dill cake doughnut, dill glaze, fried pickle

Bottom (L-R):
One Night Stand – Raised doughnut, tequila, triple sec & lime icing, flaked salt
Greek Town – Raised doughnut, honey glazed, honey-rum drizzle, crushed pistachio
Crème Brûlée – Raised doughnut, crème brûlée filling, caramelized sugar

When I first saw Dill-Dough, I thought it was an interesting doughnut but the name didn’t register to me until some one ordered it. Well played, wordplay, well played.

My brother wanted to try the Crème Brûlée, but it was sold out. A fresh batch was in the back needing to be cooled so we waited for a few minutes for a fresh Crème Brûlée doughnut.

I had the Enjoy- Mint, which has bits of fresh mint leaves in the glaze. The mint was very very subtle, couldn’t taste any mint in some bites but the doughnut itself was not too sweet, which is good in my books. I also had the Wake Me Up, which I like better than Enjoy-Mint. Like Enjoy-Mint, it wasn’t too sweet, but you can distinctly taste chocolate and coffee.

Overall, a wonderful treat.

Edit: This is a revisit from May 2015.

One of the things I wanted to start again this year was yoga. My first venture into yoga was back in second year of university where the athletic centre offered beginners yoga classes. Both my cousin Betty and I registered to it just to try something new. It ended up being something that we both enjoyed and was a major stress reliever.

I regretted not continuing yoga after second year as things got busier. Today, I went to my “first” yoga class, five years later lol.

However before I started inhaling and exhaling air and wincing through muscle pain, I dropped by Von Doughnuts yesterday for a treat. Here is my first visit to Von Doughnuts.

IMG_1780I was eyeing the Midnight Madness, an all chocolate doughnut but decided that is a typical choice for me, so I went with a crazy one, the Peanut Butter Cup, a raised doughnut with peanut butter centre, chocolate glaze on top with peanut butter drizzle and mini peanut butter cups.

I hate myself… it was so. Darn. Good.

My brother’s Poached Pear, a raised doughnut with red wine pear glaze and ginger crumble.

Von Doughnuts
713 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4J 1L2


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