Café Boulud (Winterlicious)

Winterlicious is back! The two-week event which includes culinary events and prix fixe programs from participating restaurants. First of three restaurants on the docket is Café Boulud at the Four Seasons Hotel.

My boyfriend and I went to Café Boulud on Thursday. We had a large snowstorm in the morning into late afternoon that day, which dumped about 15cm of snow. We were grateful that the storm ended in the evening; I was coming home from work, it was really eerily calm but really cold. Snow or no snow, we were still going to our reservation.

I had high expectations of Café Boulud. It has good reviews and with Daniel Boulud’s name, there is a standard when it comes to him and his restaurants.

We got seated quickly after arrival but when we were ready to order, our server was being more attentive to other tables behind us even when he said  he’d be with us in a few minutes. A couple sitting behind who came in after us got their orders taken and their appetizer on the table before we ordered. Eventually, someone else took our order. We also ordered a glass of wine, which never came until our original server asked if we wanted wine, and we told him we did order.

ImageImageVenison Paté with gin jelly, pickled daikon radish, and huckleberry.
Grilled Albacore Tuna with iceberg lettuce, citrus confit, blood orange, buddha’s hand.
Celeriac Agnolotti with brown butter, green apple and celery emulsion.
Atlantic Mackerel with warm grain salad, piquillo pepper and mussel escabeche.
Caramelized Pear Sundae with brown sugar wafers, caramel sauce, pear and calvados sorbet.
Chocolate Gateaux with praline, chocolate cremeux, and pecan bourbon ice cream.

My favourite is the mackerel, which was nicely grilled and flakey and while the grain salad is simple, the piquillo pepper gives it a nice spicy kick.

I liked each and every dish, but unfortunately we had a hard time truly enjoying it because we were disappointed with the service we received. I also liked the decor of the restaurant. They had an open-space concept, with dividing walls that displayed Andy Warhol-esque contemporary art, which help gives the whole place a relaxed feel, even though the restaurant serves dishes reflective of Daniel Boulud.

Café Boulud (Second floor of the Four Seasons Hotel)
60 Yorkville Ave.
Toronto, ON
M3C 2K8


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