Eat: Spring Sushi

On Thursday, I had dinner with my two best friends, Jennifer and Jenny at Spring Sushi to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday. My expectation of Spring Sushi was low, considering that it is located right in the heart of Downtown Toronto at Yonge and Dundas. Considering it is in a tourist area, prices may not reflect the quality of food. Also, it is an All-You-Can-Eat (a la carte available), and my typical experience of AYCE has been quantity over quality. We were planning to watch a movie (we watched Moms’ Night Out, which was a terrible movie) right after dinner and the restaurant is conveniently located mere distance from the theatre. The restaurant features the novelty of ordering from an iPad , which is great as we were able to view pictures of each dish. However, it didn’t streamline the ordering process very much; a server still goes to your table to reconfirm the order. Image ImageFor appetizers, we ordered the Tempura Ika (squid) and Edamame. Out of the two, The tempura was our favourite. It was lightly battered and the squid was not rubbery. The edamame was barely seasoned, looked old and likely reheated. Terrible and disappointing. ImageWe shared the Spring Party Tray, which has California rolls, Spicy Tuna roll, Tempura Shrimp roll, sashimi and sushi. Nice presentation and the quality of fish was decent. It was nice that the sushi and rolls were not overloaded with rice. ImageImageFor desserts, the Jens had green tea ice cream, whereas I had Tiramisu. It was strange that it came in two tiny plastic shot glasses, because the picture showed the dessert was in a bowl, so we thought we accidentally ordered two. The Tiramisu was below average at best. There was no lady fingers, no coffee, and I’m not sure if they even used mascarpone cheese. It was practically like Chinese birthday cake because that’s what they used in replacement of lady fingers. Terrible. It is a clear hit or miss with the food, and the service was a little slow but attentive as a server does come by to take away empty dishes and made sure everything was okay. With other dining options in the area, I would likely not make a second visit. Image


Spring Sushi 10 Dundas St. E Toronto, ON M5B 2G9


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