Eat: Boots & Bourbon Saloon

On Saturday night, my brother and I were attending Coeur de pirate‘s (Pirate Heart) concert at Massey Hall. A Francophone singer hailing from Montreal, Quebec. If you ever want to learn French, let her be the reason to learn it.

Before heading to Massey Hall, we had dinner Boots & Bourbon Saloon. For all things country, Boots & Bourbon had it all — music, decor, and a mechanical bull. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the bull as the back of the bar where the bull is located was being set up for a birthday party.

We started out with drinks. I initially ordered a Pommies cider only to be told they were out of it, so the waitress recommended the Grandmas Texas Lemonade ($10) with Tito’s Vodka, house lemonade, vanilla and peach bitters. Though a sweet cocktail, I tasted more of the vodka and only finished half of it knowing I’d be wasted if I drank the entire thing.

BootsBourbon1The lemonade and my brother’s Rust Albertan ($10) with Sailor Jerry rum, lemon juice, maple syrup, ginger beer and root beer bitters.

BootsBourbon2The Boots & Bourbon Poutine ($9) with pulled pork, Quebec cheese curds, Cajun fries, house poutine sauce, horseradish mayo and scallions.


My brother also had their featured burger for Burger Week, THe Black and Blue Burger with ground beef patty, Cajun seasoning, blue cheese and fried onion rings. The burger in the picture looks huge, but it was actually a size of a slider.

BootsBourbon3I was craving for chicken wings ($12). Honey Garlic chicken wings. So good and not too saucy.

Boots & Bourbon was offering half price appetizers from 5:00pm-7:00pm, so our poutine and wings were half price. Hee yaw!

Overall, the country western theme is an interesting concept, but I felt a little out of place. Perhaps I should have donned some daisy dukes (which I don’t have) and a cowboy hat (also don’t have).

This is a revisit from October 2015:

Have you been a neighbourhood spot, found it to be a decent place for food and drinks only to return again to find it downhill?

That was the case with Boots & Bourbon. What was thought to be a good place to watch Game 1 of ALCS, our beloved Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals ended being a terrible idea.

We sat at the bar where there were two unoccupied stools. The place as already packed with more people coming in as the night and game progresses. One thing I’ve noticed that the drinks menu has drastically reduced and with more terrible domestic beer selection.

With a pint of Creemore Springs, we ordered Cajun Fries ($7). Our friendly bartender (got to give him some credit) advised us that it would take awhile for the food to come, which is understandable as they were busy.

IMG_3121IMG_3122When the fries arrived about 45 minutes later, the once frozen variety fries were cold, sad and soggy. What dampen the mood even more was the Blue Jays losing.

We ended up leaving around 7th inning and decided to never come back.

Boots & Bourbon Saloon
725 Queen St. E
Toronto, ON
M4M 2H5


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