Eat: Oddseoul

Oddseoul8Inside a nondescript door lies Oddseoul, a Korean fusion hipster dive bar where kimchi meets your quintessential bar fare.

Oddseoul1Oddseoul2Hungry, my brother and I started with O.S. Chicken Wings, which consisted of three battered fried wings with the drums and wings fully attached covered heavily in housemade spicy gochujang (Korean fermented chili paste). It also had a sweet and tangy flavour to it. It was messy to eat, but oh so good.

Oddseoul3As a lover of seafood, I was excited about the Torched Mackerel. It began with an “exciting” table side presentation of the mackerel being torched with a blowtorch, this miniscule dish was nothing special. Granted, the fish was fresh and brined to accentuate the flavour of the fish, but in the end, it was just mackerel and I found the soy dipping sauce did nothing much to overall flavour. It was however, the lightest dish out of the ones we ordered.

Oddseoul4Squash Poutine was devoured by my brother since it has cheese. A unique take on a Quebecois favourite, roasted squash was used in replacement of french fries, with gravy that had a slight curry flavour to it, kimchi, and mayo.

Still hungry and the outside started rain heavily, we ordered more food in hopes it would stop raining.

Oddseoul6The Tempura Chicken with Deviled Eggs was okay. Like the chicken wings, the tempura chicken was nicely battered, but was a little on the fatty side.

Oddseoul7Lastly, the Kimchi Fried Rice with Pork Belly. My favourite part of this dish was the fried sunny side up egg, but I found it spicy, almost too spicy, and there was not much pork belly.


While some of the dishes were hits and a slight miss, we enjoyed our experience at Oddseoul. The portion sizes are enough for two to share, and it is best to not come with an empty stomach as it will not be a cheap meal. Service was surprisingly pleasant for this dark and loud hipster dive.

90 Ossington Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6J 2Y7


2 thoughts on “Eat: Oddseoul

  1. Korean food seems to have a lot more beef than Japanese food. But I like the kimchi! Have you ever made kimchi yourself?? It is not very hard and a great way to preserve extra veggies

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