Eat: Ritz Caribbean Foods

Last Saturday evening, the boyfriend and I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, which turns out to be a really good movie. Filled with both action and humour, you don’t need to know the whole story from the comic books to fully enjoy the movie.

After the movie, we were famished but the options for a quick bite to eat are very limited in the downtown core, and even though majority of late night snack bars are a short travel west of downtown, it was the matter of having to travel there and back that was the hassle.

Fortunately, he knew of a place nearby that serves good Caribbean food (recommended by his hairstylist), and the moment the suggestion was made, I was set on jerk chicken. Ritz Caribbean Foods is a franchise restaurant with multiple locations in the city. The one we went to is right across from the Eaton Centre. The exterior looks a little run-down, which is why I’ve never noticed the restaurant was there.

For 10:30pm, the place still had patrons that appeared to be regulars, nonetheless gave me a sense that while I’m going to be eating at a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant, at least it might be a good hole-in-the-wall restaurant.


We got the large Jerk Chicken dinner to share with rice and pea, and salad, in addition to ginger beer. We were given one leg and the rest were the shoulder parts. The chicken was really spicy but the meat easily fell off the bone. My gripe was that because we got mostly the bony parts of the chicken, there was a lot of tiny bones.

Overall, for $10, it was a decent jerk chicken.

Ritz Caribbean Foods
211 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5B 1M4


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