Eat: Over Easy

Over Easy looks like a place that once had its glory, but now feels like it is stuck in the 50s. Nonetheless, we were here for simple brunch fare and nothing else.

I’ll start off describing the visit as a rollercoaster. We were seated a booth with a table that looks to be cleaned, but it had a few dried crumbs. A few swipes with a napkin cleared the debris, but then my boyfriend’s fork had crumbs caked on it, so we asked for new cutlery.

I got their freshly squeezed orange juice, and he got the mixed fresh juice of mango, peach, apricot, orange and banana. My orange juice was indeed freshly squeezed, but his tasted more of orange and bananas than anything else.

overeasyMy classic breakfast  with two eggs, sausage, sliced tomato and mixed green salad to substitute for home fries. Nothing really special.

Not pictured is the Protein Power Up breakfast that boyfriend ordered with three eggs any style, roasted chicken breast and a side of cottage cheese. He also got a side of a chicken sausage.

Two cups of juice and two plates of food and a side order was around $40.00. Even though it’s located close to University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum and other downtown attractions, it was an expensive breakfast.

Over Easy
208 Bloor St. W
Toronto, ON M5S 3B4

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