Eat: Patties Express

Jamaican beef patties has been quintessential to my childhood and university days. Even though they are not the healthiest food available, it served as a quick and cheap lunch or snack that I was able to buy while being a student on a budget.

I have not eaten a beef patty since graduating but with eating Caribbean food recently, I had a sudden craving to eat one, mystery meat and all.

pattiesexpress01In comes Patties Express, a closet-size grab-and-go spot located on a small and quiet street off of Yonge Street, and in close proximity to Eaton Centre and Ryerson University. Here, you will not find patties typically sold in convenience stores that has been sitting in a warming display case for who knows how long. Rather, the patties here have a piping hot and gooey ground beef spiced with scotch bonnet (I got the spicy one) filling encased in a nice, flaky pastry. Kind of have to be cautious eating it as the hot filling can overflow as you bite into the patty (the patty was not overly filled though).

pattiesexpress02They offer beef patty in non-spicy, spicy and extra spicy, vegetarian in spicy only, and chicken patty with a curry filling. They also offer a patty with a coco bread… patty burger, anyone?

Patties Express
4 Elm Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1G7


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