Eat: Touhenboku Ramen

Work has been extremely busy to the point where I barely have time to breathe, and the only relief is just before Christmas. Not only that, but we have lost one of our four legged employee. Our 14 year old German Shepherd, Dyno had passed away last week. It has been hard of some of us, especially my colleague, Steve whom has prepared himself for the worse when Dyno’s neurological condition due to old age was getting really bad. Fortunately, he lived a long, fulfilling life and we will miss his puppy-like nature.

Now that we are in mid-November, the cold temperatures has arrived. I actually had to bring out my Winter coat, which I usually wear when it starts to snow. It does feel strange at first to wear such coat this early, but being warm is much more important.

tohenbokuramen01Cold temperatures does call for a hot bowl of ramen! On Friday, James and I went to Touhenboku Ramen, in the Entertainment District of Queen West. One good thing about this place is that there was no line up, at least not when we went.

We sat by the kitchen, where we had full view of ramen being assembled. Unlike other ramen shops in the city where the broth is pork-based in the city, Touhenboku’s broth is chicken-based, which is slow cooked to draw out the collagen from the bones. According to Touhenboku Ramen, this creates a creamy yet not as fattening as pork bone broth.

They also offer of choices in the broth flavouring: white (original), red (chili), black (garlic) and light (clear broth); choice in the seasoning:  shio (salt), sho-yu (soya), or miso; thick or thin noodles and the meat (pork belly, pork shoulder or chicken). It is then served with a sheet of nori seaweed, wood ear mushroom, green onion and a boiled egg. They also offer vegetarian miso ramen.

tohenbokuramen02I got the white ramen with sho-yu seasoning, pork belly and thick noodles. James got the same thing except with pork shoulder. We also chicken karaage to share.

The noodles itself were pretty good and chewy, but I am not sure whether I like the chicken-based broth. I feel like it’s much more thick, heavy and oilier. The egg was like a hard boiled egg, not the perfect, creamy yolk egg that Sansotei offers. Overall, it was an average bowl of ramen.

tohenbokuramen03The chicken karaage is a complete miss. Not crispy and the meat was fatty. Ugh.

Personally, if I am looking for a delicious bowl of ramen, I don’t think Touhenboku Ramen would be the place I would go to.

Touhenboku Ramen
261 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4


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