Eat: Ramen Isshin

This post is dedicated to you, Simon. Just because.

Ramen Isshin is another Japanese noodle joint in the city brought to us by the same people as Kingyo (you can read about my visit to Kingyo here). A sparsely decorated restaurant aside from the large dragon mural on one side of the wall, Ramen Isshin seems to be about filling the restaurant with seats that focusing on making the restaurant look too overly pretty. If there is a table readily available for me and the food is delicious, that is already good in my books.

I mean, I would not want to be lining up in the cold for a bowl of ramen (I am looking at you, Santouka and Sansotei!!!).

The ramen here are tonkotsu broth based, which was made using roasted pork bones that has been boiling for a minimum of 18 hours for a rich and creamy consistency. While the broth was flavourful, it was pretty light compared to Santouka and Sansotei.

ramenisshin01Simon got the Garlic Shoyu.

ramenisshin02I got the Shio white sesame ramen, which came with bamboo shoots, black wood ear mushrooms, pork belly, green onions and a marinated soft boiled egg. It also came with a little bowl of roasted sesame and they provided a little wood pestle that you can grind the sesame to release its flavour and oils, then sprinkle a little bit in the beginning and midway through the meal. It subtlety changes the flavour of the broth, giving it a nutty taste.

I did enjoy the personalized addition of sesame seeds  to enhance the flavour of the whole bowl of ramen, which is something I have not found at other ramen places in Toronto. Overall, it was a delicious and warm meal, but Ramen Isshin did not knock Sansotei off the top spot of my favourite ramen joint.

Edit: Revisit Ramen Isshin in January 2017 after doing visit a home furnishing store nearby.

Got the White Sesame Shio Ramen ($10.30) again. The sesame really gives it an extra oomph.
Ice cream mochi: black sesame and green tea.

Ramen Isshin
421 College St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1T1


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