Eat: SU&SHI Noodle Bar

I went to work for half day on Wednesday then kicked off my holiday staycation by going to Yorkdale Mall to do some last minute shopping with James. First, we had lunch at SU&SHI Noodle Bar at the mall’s food court.

SU&SHI Noodle Bar is one of the few choices where there is sit-down service. We got seats immediately. Service started out okay, but quickly went downhill as more people came in for lunch. For example, a couple sitting across from us waited quite a long time for a server to take their order, and when their food arrived, only the girl’s bowl of ramen came. Her poor boyfriend had to wait for his to arrive. It was probably a good 10 minutes wait and he was pretty hungry as he was eating some of his girlfriend’s food.

su-shi01James got a bowl of House Miso Ramen, which had BBQ pork belly, chicken, shrimp tempura, marinated egg (totally hard boiled!!), green onions, garlic and sprouts. It also had Chinese greens (Yu Choy) in there. Not your typical ramen, that is for sure.

su-shi02I got the Unagi (eel) Fried Rice. The rice itself was pretty bland, and if it was not for the tare sauce (the sweet and savoury soy glaze usually served with unagi), the whole dish would have been disappointing at best.

There is still nothing good to eat at Yorkdale. 😦

SU&SHI Noodle Bar
3401 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON
M6A 3A1


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