Eat: Bánh Cuốn Phở Gà

For those of you living in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, PEI and Nova Scotia, I hope you all are having a lovely long weekend and spending it with family for Family Day (for those in the Maritimes, hope you all are safe after such terrible Winter storm). Yesterday was our coldest day thus far this Winter. Despite that, we bundled up and headed out for Vietnamese steamed rice rolls (Bánh cuốn) at the Junction neighbourhood, located west of downtown.

Bánh Cuốn Phở Gà is one of the few Vietnamese restaurants along the St. Clair West strip (and probably in the city) that offers bánh cuốn as a specialty.

banhcuonphoga04Don’t let the clear blue sky fool you, it was -22°C (-8°F) outside!

banhcuonphoga01Look a bit like a hole in the wall from the outside, and the inside doesn’t fare any better but it’s typical of these Asian restaurants where decor doesn’t really matter except for the food (but maybe do an extra wipe or two of the tables and utensils).

banhcuonphoga02#38 on the menu: Steamed rice rolls with Vietnamese sausage, steamed bean sprouts and fried cake with shrimp and mung beans (Bánh Cống)

banhcuonphoga03#35 on the menu: The traditional steamed rice rolls with ground pork and wood ear mushrooms, Vietnamese sausage and steamed bean sprouts.

Overall, pretty decent bánh cuốn and freshly made too! One minor thing was that there was more rice roll than there were of the filling. It was cheap though (the whole meal was $11 total) and no tax!

Bánh Cuốn Phở Gà
1772 St. Clair Ave. W.
Toronto, ON
M6N 1J3

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