Eat: Ho Su Bistro

When I think of going for Korean food, my mind goes straight to Koreatown on Bloor West. I don’t think of going to a Korean restaurant that also does Japanese food, and with many other good restaurant options in and around the Entertainment District, my cousin still wanted to go to Ho Su Bistro.

Ho Su Bistro has reasonably priced lunch specials and menu items. However, based on reviews, it does not have the best record of consistency and at times, cleanliness. I decided to avoid the sushi and sashimi (basically anything raw), just in case there was something undesirable.

hosu02We shared the Galbi (marinated beef short ribs) appetizer ($4.95), which surprisingly was pretty delicious and tender.

hosu03We each got the Dolsot Beef Bibimbap ($10.95) with assorted vegetables, marinated beef, glass noodles, rice and fried egg, all served in a stone bowl. They gave us a squeeze bottle of gochujang sauce (Korean hot pepper paste) so we could create our desired spicy level ourselves.

Usually I am able to finish a bowl of bibimbap, but I could only finish half of this as I got uncomfortably full. I don’t recall having glass noodles in any bibimbap I’ve had in the past, so it likely having that extra ingredient contribute to the case of “too much food”.

Ho Su Bistro
254 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5V 1Z8


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