Eat: Cafe Princess

After dinner at Joons, we saved room in our tummy for dessert at Cafe Princess, a dessert shop and cafe nearby. Our friend thought it was called Coffee Prince (a Korean drama) lol.

IMG_1731Located on the second floor of a building, Cafe Princess is pretty a popular place in Korean Town for friends to hang out or for a coffee date, as long as the guy does not mind that he is in a whimsical, girly place, because like the name, it resembles a room a princess would have. The space has plush couches,  antique-like chairs, pale pink walls, teddy bears… so girly.


The cafe does impose a two-hour limit thought it was relatively empty on a Sunday night. Menu-wise, it pretty standard to what can be found in cafe and dessert places   — coffee drinks, teas, bubble tea, cakes, waffles and ice cream. They offer dessert platters that are great for sharing. While I was tempted to get waffles with the smell of it wafting around but restraining myself, I got hot chocolate ($3.98) that was clearly made from the powder variety.

IMG_1729My cousin’s Tiramisu cake. LaRocca supplies the cakes for Cafe Princess.

While it is a cute and charming place, I much prefer cafes where some effort is made in a cup of hot chocolate and where I don’t feel awkward by myself.

Cafe Princess
5590 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M2N 5S2


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