Eat: Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill

Swiss Chalet, a chain restaurant in Canada known for their hand-basted, slow roast rotisserie chicken. They have more than just rotisserie chicken, but that is their signature menu item. Oddly enough, Swiss Chalet even launched a 24-hour rotisserie channel so you can watch chicken spin around a spit as they roast (the channel is no longer available, but Youtube “rotisserie channel” and you’ll find some videos).

It has been over a decade since I dined at a Swiss Chalet restaurant, the one and only time was with my family and I remember getting a quarter chicken dinner where the portion was more than what I could fathom of finishing.

We had a work lunch on Tuesday at a nearby Swiss Chalet. I got the quarter chicken dinner (dark meat) with a white bread roll and garden salad. I was kind of shocked how small it was; one of my co-worker who got the same thing as me asked for a larger portion (they gave him an extra piece of drumstick).

The Italian salad dressing was kind of florescent orange in colour, weird. But I have to admit, the chalet dipping sauce is, kind of good? I have no idea what exactly is in it as apparently it’s a mystery (don’t want to know…) and even though there are packets mix for sale in grocery stores, I was told it’s not the same.

For $9 and change, I would have had a better meal elsewhere. This is why I don’t really eat at chain restaurants anymore.

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill
1077 Wilson Ave.
North York, ON
M3K 1G7


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