Eat: Seoul Restaurant

For Jennt’s birthday on Thursday, she chose Seoul Restaurant, a modest Korean restaurant in Koreatown. There was a bit of confusion at first. I got to the neighbourhood early after work and texted Jenny that I was early. After a short visit to the bank, I walked around to find the restaurant only to discover that it was on the other side of the street, but I figured since I had some time to kill, I would walk to the next intersection and cross the road. I called Jennt to see where she was and she said she was on her way. I then get a call from Jenny asking where I was as she went into the restaurant and none of us were there. When I got to the restaurant, Jenny was waiting outside. She then got a text from Jennt that she is at the restaurant, but she was really at another restaurant. It was hilarious and typical Jen moments.

IMG_1802Kimchi Hae Mool Pajeon, a Korean pancake with seafood, vegetables and kimchi alongside with some banchan.

IMG_1804On the left: Jenny’s Pork Kimchi Jjigae, a kimchi stew with pork and tofu. On the right: Jennt’s Pork Bone Soup with potato.

IMG_1803My Dot Sol Bibimbap with beef, assorted vegetables, fried egg and steam rice in a hot stone pot.

Service was quick and friendly. This is one of Jenny’s go-to Korean restaurant for good and cheap Korean comfort food. I can definitely see why as the prices on the menu are with taxes included.

Seoul Restaurant
621 Bloor St. W
Toronto, ON
M6G 1K8


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