Eat: Sharon Garden

Ah, long weekend. Not long enough.

But there’s always time for Korean food at Sharon Garden with some friends. The restaurant is located in a plaza at McNicoll and Victoria Park in Scarborough. It was slightly difficult finding the real entrance to the restaurant but once inside, it’s a pretty big restaurant, complete with private rooms, and some floor seatings. The menu is quite extensive, so many choices from soon tofu stews, noodle dishes, bibimbap and many combo meals. I strayed away from the usual bibimbap and got the SuJaeBi, their special handmade noodles in a dried shrimp and clam broth. I was intrigued with what handmade noodles would be like.

IMG_1866It was more like giant pieces of flat dough, but I guess that’s what SuJaeBi is, handtorn pieces of dough. Overall, it was a bit unimpressive, mainly because I would prefer it with a spicy broth and not pieces of chili pepper floating around.

IMG_1867For dessert, we were tempted by frozen mochi ice cream. The initial choices were green tea or red bean but the server informed us they were out of red bean and proceeded to give more choices, which were unlisted on the dessert menu.

Sharon Garden
3601 Victoria Park Ave.
Toronto, ON
M1W 3Y3


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