Coffee Break: Odin Cafe + Bar

IMG_2189The latest coffee bar to open in the east end is Odin Cafe + Bar , a Nordic-Canadian cafe with an interior that screams clean, industrial and angular. Named after the Norse God, Odin is very inspired by Nordic interior design with the minimalist stark white, concrete and contrasting wood elements.

IMG_4126IMG_4127IMG_2184It’s quite a beautifully designed space; a cafe in the day, a bar by night. However, some may find the spacious and hard surfaces cold and uncomfortable. The high bar stools look neat, but not comfortable at all (I opted for the bar seating first and ended up sitting at the normal tables, with normal chairs).

IMG_4130IMG_4135IMG_4143I came here on a sunny Sunday afternoon with my brother. With a degree in architecture, he really appreciated the design aesthetics of the cafe. Me, I was nursing my poor bottom.

IMG_2185A cup of chai tea and mocha.

IMG_4132Love the details on the cups.

IMG_4150Odin Cafe + Bar
514 King St. E., Unit 7
Toronto, ON
M5A 1M1

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