Eat: Aft Kitchen & Bar

Last Saturday, we went to watch the Pan Am Women’s basketball game, Canada vs. Cuba. It was a close and exciting game with Canada winning 71-68. I’ve never been to these types of events, but it really makes you feel proud and patriotic because you can definitely see and feel the support behind these athletes.


IMG_2238Our Canadian women’s basketball team has since won gold.


After the game, we went to Aft Kitchen & Bar for some Texan-style comfort food. There have been times when pass by Aft and see it packed to the brim. It wasn’t the case when we went as the moment we walked in, it was virtually empty (everyone seemed to be at the back patio) and it took awhile for someone to even notice we were there. Despite that, we stayed as we were hungry and room has that warm feel with all the reclaimed wood table and bar, exposed bricks, and dim pendant lighting.

IMG_2249I usually do not order cocktails, but the Smoked Peach Vodka Lemonade ($10) sounded interesting. A bit of peach puree, lemonade and can barely taste the alcohol — my kind of cocktail.


We got the platter for two ($37) with three BBQ choices and three sides choices.
We got the Texas-style BBQ brisket, Country BBQ pork sausage and Smoked BBQ pulled pork shoulder. The sides we got were the creamy coleslaw, cheddar cornbread and fresh cut frites. The brisket was the best of the three — tender, moist and good amount of fat on it. The sausage was good, but didn’t really wow me as it was simply a pork sausage. The pulled pork was good as well, but a little dry. I didn’t get the try the coleslaw or the cornbread, but the frites were well seasoned and crispy.

It was quite a bit of food, so much so that we had to take some home. In fact, almost everyone that walked out of Aft had a takeout box in hand.

While there was a slight hiccup in the beginning of the evening, the service and food really makes up for it. I’m just glad it’s close to home, as I could go for that brisket again.

Edit: Revisited Aft on April 2017:

Aft still does not do reservations, so tables are first come, first serve. Jeff and I got the platter for two and it still can feed an extra person. We had:

– Texas-style BBQ beef brisket — still so good.
– Slow-cooked BBQ pork side ribs – it was a bit on the dry end and not really fall off the bone.
– Smoked pulled pork shoulder
– Coleslaw, potato salad and fresh cut fries as sides.

Aft Kitchen & Bar
686 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1H

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