Four Months Later

Here we are at the last week of July. It also marks the last week of work… I only have five more working days and then I’m no longer employed and will be on a plane to Melbourne, Australia in 17 days. My visitor Visa only granted me a maximum of three months stay, so I may be back in a month, or two. Who knows, I’m keeping it opened ended within the three months.

It might seem trivial to some people, but traveling on my own is something I never fathom I could or would do (I’m totally directional-challenged sometimes lol).

When I think back about what led me to this day, that a difficult time was that push, I think and ask myself whether it was the right decision. My colleagues and friends keep telling me that they are happy for me and that they wish they could do what I’m doing. Sure, it’s a good personal decision, but definitely not a good financial one.

However, I’m doing it because I am tired of feeling safe, and it made me realize how unhappy I was. There was always the urge to do something but can’t because I was held back by that comfortable, safe feeling. Those security blankets. That stable job that you hate. That feeling of the unknown. That long-term relationship.

Yes, the breakup threw me in a loop. It literally tore away my security blankets one by one. At the same time, it made me realize it was time to do things for myself, and regardless of how cliche it sounds, it was time to do some personal growth and reflection before jumping into anything significant. I still miss him dearly, and often wonder how he is doing. There’s no denying that there are still times when I experience bouts of sadness, but I am a much happier person than I was four months ago.

My advise to anyone in a similar situation is do what you need to do to learn about yourself, whether it’s making important life decision, to doing something you love — big or small, they are all significant. Sometimes taking risks will allow you to discover much more about you and beyond what you thought you are capable of doing. My choices may not be choices for everyone, but what matters is the result at the end: you being a better you for you.


2 thoughts on “Four Months Later

  1. Aww, Jennifer!! I’m proud that you’re breaking away from your security blankets!! I have a feeling you’ll have an amazing time. ❤

    Live for yourself. Do things you enjoy and love. I support you all the way! ❤

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