Eat: Maha’s

IMG_2389Weekday brunch is such a rarity that the opportunity to brunch at Maha’s is a must. A popular spot in the east end with line ups on the weekend, Maha’s serves brunch classics with Egyptian flavours. Different, yes. But is it worth the line up?

IMG_2393I got a small size Honey-Cardamom Latte ($4.25). Smooth, slightly sweet and hints of cardamom. This is definitely not your chai latte. The cardamom is not overpowering at all. There’s a lot of recommendation for this and it’s definitely justified.

IMG_2395My brother got the Basturma Scramble ($11), a dish of egg scramble, thinly sliced cured beef with fenugreek, garlic and Egyptian spices. It is served with house salad and their homemade balady bread, which is like a pita flatbread used to scoop and mop up the sauces.

IMG_2396I got the Sunny Egg and Foole ($11), two sunny side ups a top a bed of foole, a fava bean stew. Served with the balady bread, which really help mop up the sauce and yolks. Really flavourful with the tomatoes, onions and herbs. It was also hearty and filling.

IMG_2397We also got a side of Cumin Home Fries ($4), which I thought were okay. I would have liked a bit more cumin on them, but that is just me.

Service was pleasant. The food took a bit long to get to the table, but on the other hand, it was hot and fresh when it arrived.

IMG_2398Worth the line up? I personally would not line up for meal, and that is merely out of principles. I can see why it garners lineup every weekend though, it’s comfort food with Egyptian classics (it’s also a small restaurant) and I don’t think there’s many Egyptian restaurants in the city.

226 Greenwood Ave.
Toronto, ON.
M4L 2R3


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