Drink: Royal Saxon

After our dinner at Old Town White Coffee, H drove us to Royal Saxon, the restaurant/bar that M works at. During the day, it is more of a restaurant, serving Italian inspired dishes (M brought home their house-made Italian sausage and their Crystal Bay prawn pizzas for my dinner the night of my arrival, pretty good, but it is on the upper end of prices). At weeknights, it is more of a popular spot for drinks for the after-work crowd, and a party spot on Friday and weekend nights.

The upstairs bar/balcony is where most of the fun occurs. If you are asthmatic, suffer from respiratory problems or don’t like to be around second-hand smoke, it is best to avoid the upstairs level. Because M was working upstairs at the bar, we sat by the bar, ordered some cocktails and mingled until she finished her closing shift.

IMG_2457The Eastside. ($18 AUD) Their house-infused cucumber gin cocktail. If you like Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic with cucumber, you’ll like this.

IMG_2458A random cocktail that T and I asked M to use her bar skills to create. I don’t quite remember what is has except it has passion fruit liqueur and amaretto.

A guy also bought me a drink, which turned to be a VERY awkward encounter. Firstly, when a stranger sits beside me anywhere, I do make eye contact to ensure that a) they are not dangerous; and b) they are going to respect my space as much as I am going to respect theirs. So when he sat beside me, we both looked at each other and smiled as though saying “hello, hope you enjoy your drink”. I then turned back around to converse with T. The next thing we know, he comes back to the bar,  sits beside me and shuffles a drink to me, not saying a word but kept cocking his brows at me. I thanked him but eventually turned back to T after not getting a single response from him, but his moving eyebrows. Thankfully he left us alone.

If you’re going to attempt to pick up a girl at a bar, at least say something clever.

Other than the strange encounter, it was a pretty fun, yet exhausting (to me) night.

Royal Saxon
545 Church St
Richmond, Victoria 3121

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