Eat/Drink: Ponyfish Island (Melbourne, Australia)

After SEA LIFE, T had to go back to the flat to get ready for work. M suggested we go to Ponyfish Island, a bar floating on the Yarra River underneath the Pedestrian Bridge in Southbank, Melbourne’s waterfront.

IMG_2483That’s one of the many things I love about Melbourne, in no way a bar would be found underneath a bridge in Toronto all thanks to that something we call “social responsibility”.

IMG_2487We called out M’s other roommate, whom we’ll refer as Roommate Dan (there was quite a few Dans I met throughout the trip) to join us for some drinks. Hailing from Lancaster in England, he has the most thickest English accent I’ve ever heard that sometimes it was hard to understand him, so there were times when I kept nodding when he spoke.

IMG_2485Rusty Fork cocktail jug ($30 AUD) made with Sailor Jerry rum, amaretto, lime, mint and ginger beer.


Nachos with chili bean mix, guacamole, cheese and corn chips. I dugged at the bottom to avoid the cheese and guacamole. Not sure if I’d recommend the nachos as it got all soggy.

IMG_0921On a sunny day, it is a nice spot to people watch and if you love being by any body of water, it is quite a relaxing spot.

Ponyfish Island
under Southbank Pedestrian Bridge
Southbank, Victoria 3006


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