Visit: Brighton Beach (Melbourne, Australia)

On Saturday morning, we woke up early to get ready for a day trip to Brighton Beach, located about 10km south-east of CBD and accessible via train on the Sandringham line (get off at Brighton Beach Railway Station).

Brighton Beach is known for the 82 colourful “bathing boxes” (but we called it huts lol). Fascinating little site it is, as each bathing boxes are individually coloured and designed. I have since learned that they are privately owned by residents of Brighton, willingly paying upwards of $260,000 AUD.

IMG_2518Myki is the most important traveling friend in Melbourne. Do get a Myki card once you’re in Melbourne, it’s used on trams, buses and trains. I’m still not sure how the fare works; to my understanding, it is time and zone based depending on where one is going. Always remember to touch the card when boarding and touch the card when exiting. However, traveling within the CBD is free, which I learned was just recently implemented.

brighton01Weather in Melbourne is a bit unpredictable and what I consider bipolar — grey clouds and dreary one moment, sunny and beautiful the next. Or vice versa. We experienced typical Melbourne weather that day; nice and sunny when we left the flat, and then grey and drizzling light rain when we left the beach. Even though it is Winter, I’m glad I didn’t have to pack my winter boots or a down coat since it doesn’t snow in Melbourne. brighton02brighton03brighton04brighton05brighton06IMG_2523brighton07IMG_2530brighton08


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