Eat: Kinfolk (Melbourne, Australia)

IMG_2509One of the breakfast spot I stumbled upon near the flat was Kinfolk, a little cafe offering seasonal food with ingredients sourced from local, sustainable suppliers. However, what drew me to the cafe was that they are a social enterprise,  with volunteers running the cafe and profits going to charities.

It’s hard to eat healthy while traveling but also, you don’t really find these type of spots at home with an altruistic business model. I was elated to find this just mere minutes from where I was staying.

I was seated at a communal table, which as a solo diner can be a little daunting because your neighbour may want to strike up a conversation when you just want to eat in silence, or vice versa. Plus, as a foreigner, I am not sure what the norm for Aussies are with communal tables.

I was saved the possible awkwardness as the person sitting in front of me was talking on the phone the entire time.

IMG_2511My cup of mocha was delicious — a balance of espresso and chocolate.


Quinoa Coconut Porridge with spiced poached banana, cacao and blueberries ($12 AUD). I also added a poached fruit for an extra ($4 AUD). It was really good and I loved that there’s texture from the dried coconut and fruit so that it doesn’t feel like you’re eating only a bowl of porridge.

I would be back in a heartbeat if I could. ❤

673 Bourke St.
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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