Eat: The Pancake Parlour (Melbourne, Australia)

After Brighton Beach, we trained back to the city for pancakes. I know, why pancakes? Both M and T are missing maple syrup. Sadly, I didn’t bring a bottle of it (I was requested to bring bottles of Clamato, as a bottle of Clamato can fetch up to $20/bottle AUD. We did a Caesar party one night with a bunch of people, including other Canadians whom missed the cocktail).

We ended up at The Pancake Parlour in Melbourne Central. Flashback of my experience at IHOP in Buffalo, NY. where I could not finish my pancakes. Four stack is just TOO MUCH!

The Pancake Parlour is a famlly-owned chain based in Melbourne. A spot for Melbournians (and Canadians) to get their savoury or sweet pancake fix. Sadly, their pancakes come with “maple-flavoured syrup” aka NOT REAL MAPLE SYRUP, but they do offer “pure organic maple syrup from North American-Canadian region”* for extra dollars.

No Canadian will pay extra for our liquid gold. Besides, what does North American-Canadian Region mean? We wanted to ask, but figured it might be patronizing.

IMG_2538We each got their short stack ($12 AUD for two buttermilk pancakes, option for buckwheat available but don’t get that, it wasn’t good) with a choice of cream, whipped butter, vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

Sugar overload for sure, but it hit the spot for pancake cravings even if there wasn’t real maple syrup on it. By the way, they gave us coupons for 2-for-1 short stack pancakes.

*Maple Syrup is mainly produced in Quebec and Vermont in the US.

The Pancake Parlour (Level 3 of Melbourne Central)
Corner of La Trobe St. and Swanston St.
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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