Eat: Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe (Melbourne, Australia)

Out of the occasional solo dinners I did, Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe had to be my favourite spot. When I told M I ate at By Korea for dinner, she said I should have went to Purple Peanuts and that she pointed the place out when we went to SEA LIFE Melbourne.

To be honest, I didn’t recall her doing so, and likely because my mind was distracted.

IMG_2552Located on Collins St., Purple Peanuts opened in 2010 as a little cafe serving “quirky Japanese food, asian influenced sweets and quality coffee”. It’s very popular during  the lunch hours, everyone from the corporate bunch, students and the regulars are lining up. For dinner, it’s not as busy. I was able to score a table the both time I’ve visited.

The menu offerings includes hot and cold made-to-order dishes (Japanese curry, rice bowls, salad, burgers, soba noodles, etc. They also offer sushi and salad for take out.

IMG_2551On my first visit, I got a bowl of their house-made miso soup and takeout sushi box of tuna tataki, sesame onigiri and seaweed salad. The miso soup is definitely not from the instant powder. It was not salty and hearty with the vegetables they added.

IMG_2611On my second visit, I had the Tori Curry Soba ($10.50 AUD for small) from their made-to-order menu. Come with vegetables, flamed grilled chicken, buckwheat noodles in a mild Japanese curry. More of a noodle soup but it was so good. Really warming on a chilly Melbourne evening.

Do note that Purple Peanuts is cash only.

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe
620 Collins St.
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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