Eat/Drink: Rooftop Bar & Cinema (Melbourne, Australia)

After visiting Westgate Park, we bused back to the city feeling famished. Since M works in hospitality, she knows the most of the decent bars to frequent.

IMG_2572IMG_2573Rooftop Bar & Cinema sits atop of Curtin House, a historic seven floor Art Nouveau style building on Swanston St. where each floor has other bars, shops, a Kung Fu school, etc. One can brave going up the stairs, which I’m told that is much faster than using the old elevator (or lift, as they call it). We were lucky to catch the elevator though.

IMG_2575What awaits at the top is one of the best view of the city at one of the best rooftop bar I’ve visited. There’s definitely that hipster vibe, but we laughed how the music turned from indie to screamo, to jazz.

IMG_2574Rooftop’s Sangria ($35 AUD for pitcher) with red wine, dry curacao, pear liqueur, brandy, lemonade, fresh orange and strawberry. Look at all the alcohol ingredients in it, no wonder that I got tipsy topsy from this lol.

IMG_2576To soak up the alcohol, I got the All Day Burger ($8 AUD) that comes with free range grass fed beef patty, onion, lettuce, tomato and house mayo. I asked to omit the cheese.

Rooftop Bar is worth a visit, perhaps during the day. Friday nights and weekends are packed; I tried to make a second visit one Saturday night and was denied access because they were at capacity.

Rooftop Bar & Cinema (Level 7, Curtin House)
252 Swanston St.
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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