Eat: Babble Bar and Cafe

Where else can I say I went ice skating outdoor in August? Not in Canada lol.

T, M and I went to Prahran, the more rich, hoity-toity side of Melbourne for their Glow Arts Festival where they had an ice skating rink set up. The rink was opening late due to the wind, so we decided to find a nearby place to settle and wait.

Babble Bar and Cafe was across the street from where the rink was. The interior had a cabin-like feel inside with brick walls and wood burning fireplace. I felt it used to be a home, which turns out that it was once a residence.

IMG_2608I ordered a Japanese Green Sencha tea ($4 AUD), which it probably not what I received. It was more like Orange Pekoe Tea. Also, I prefer my tea straight up black. No bueno with the added milk.

IMG_2609The Perfect Porridge ($12 AUD) with stewed apple, quince, cinnamon, served with warm milk and roasted almonds. The quintessential oatmeal, sure. It had all the essentials of the ideal porridge — apple and cinnamon.

At least they got something right.

The ice rink however, was the most bumpiest rink I’ve ever been on. Where’s a Zamboni when you need one?

Babble Bar and Cafe
4 Izett St
Prahran, Victoria 3181


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