Eat: Menya Sandaime (Melbourne, Australia)

Abundant in Japan and non-existent here in Toronto are 24/7 ramen shops.

It’s available in Melbourne! Late night ramen cravings can be satisfied.

Except I usually don’t have late night cravings, but when there’s an opportunity, I’m going to eat ramen past my bedtime.

M and I staggered (lol we didn’t, but just humour me here, it was super late for me when we went) in to Menya Sandaime, a small ramen shop that I picture would be similar to the ones in Japan — copious amount of sake bottles lined up on display, anime figurines, wood fixtures… but no booths.

IMG_2653We were seated at the bar, in front of the figures and close to the kitchen. A semi-authentic experience, I guess. We also got Kizakura Yamahai sake served warm, which I find went down smoother. But of course, sake experts would say that certain types of sake are best served at certain temperatures.

IMG_2656M got the Tsukemen ($13.50 AUD), which the ramen and condiments and the broth came in separate bowls. The staff isn’t being lazy by not pouring the broth over the noodles rather, the proper way of eating this was to place the ramen on the wooden spoon and dunk it into the broth.

IMG_2655I had the Black Ramen ($12.80 AUD) where the broth is a blend of Tonkotsu and shellfish. The ramen noodles were al dente firm, which is a plus. The broth was rich and had this smokiness and slight spiciness to it. The chashu pork was tender with a smoky flavour to it. Pretty good bowl of ramen, but still can’t beat my favourite Sansotei back home.

Menya Sandaime
225 Russell St.
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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