Hosier Lane – Street Art of Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the very few places where I felt safe walking through an alley — there’s always something in there. In this case, street art.

Something simple as a wall acts as a canvas for artistic expression and a contribution to a more vibrant urban environment, especially in a landscape full of concrete and glass. We have some street art in Toronto, the most famous one is between Queen St. West and Richmond St., but it’s always been a contentious issue in the city — art vs. vandalism. For the most part, tags are illegal, considered as acts of vandalism and damages property, and to deter further tagging, the city commissions artists and volunteers to create murals that reflects the community or history of the area.

However, my appreciation for street art are the ones where “anything goes”, the improvised, go-with-the-flow pieces from anonymous artists (the community of graffiti are mostly anonymous, only identifiable by signatures).

Which is why I find that Melbourne has some of the best street arts in the world, and I’ve been told that you can catch some artists working over existing artwork.

It’s an ever-changing space.

M took me to Hosier Lane, considered one of Melbourne’s iconic spot for street art. I wished I took my DSLR camera with me that day, but phone camera will suffice.

IMG_2635IMG_2636IMG_2637IMG_2638Hosier Lane can be found between Flinders St. and Flinders Lane.

On another note, I now know where MoVida is! Mental note for my return lol.


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