Eat: Lucky Red

One of the things I wanted to do when I came back to Toronto was to watch baseball and cheer on our boys, Toronto Blue Jays. They are currently first in the American League (East) and they were doing so well during my absence.

IMG_2750IMG_2751IMG_2754For 500 level seating (the nosebleed level), we got decent view and out of all the games I went, it was the most packed I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, we lost that day, but it was really fun.

IMG_2756IMG_2758After the game, my brother and I walked to Lucky Red, an Asian Fusion eatery in Chinatown for a super late dinner. Operated by the same people of Banh Mi Boys (my visit here), Lucky Red was once a steamed bao sandwich shop and then closed shortly after opening to re-brand itself as a bar and sit-down restaurant.

IMG_2760Beef Tartare ($6) – top sirloin, fish sauce, mint, fried shallots and peanuts (we omitted the peanuts as my brother is allergic). I thought it would be salty or have that pungent fish sauce taste, but surprisingly, you barely notice it (it’s meant to be used sparingly anyways). It’s different than the typical beef tartare with the mint.

IMG_2761Hambaoger ($8 for two) – cheddar, pickles, “secret” sauce, onions and lettuce. Ah, the pun. I think this is their take on McDonald’s BigMac. I didn’t try this. “Secret” sauce…

IMG_2762Panko Tofu Steamed Bao ($7 for two) – Miso dressing, picked yellow radish, cucumber and pickled red onions. The steamed bun itself is pillowy soft. With the pickled vegetables, it gave it more flavour and crunch. Pretty decent for a vegetarian choice.

IMG_2763Shaking Beef ($8) – flank steak, arugula, tomato and lime vinaigrette. I found this a little too salty. The dip however, had some preserved mandarin peel taste to it.

IMG_2764S’mores Bao ($3.50 each) – Nutella, toasted marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs. First thing to note is, the bao itself is fried so it was so darn oily! It came out hot, which was good but I’m not a fan of it.

It’s nice that they’ve reopened with a better concept, as competition in stiff in Chinatown with cheap eats and People’s Eatery (my visit here) on the other side of the street. Service was great, even though there were four other diners in the place, and we had fun singing to some old school hip hop (Missy Elliott’s Work It!). Some choices were close hits and miss and perhaps a bit novelty.

Lucky Red
318 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5T 2E7


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