Eat: The Friendly Thai

A few weeks ago, I had a catch-up lunch with a dear friend, Grace (please visit her wonderful blog!) at The Friendly Thai, a local Thai restaurant in our neighbourhood of Leslieville.

When it comes to Thai restaurants, I have my clear favourites and judge hard if a restaurant has two types of Pad Thai where one is listed as “authentic”.

IMG_2918Fortunately for The Friendly Thai, they don’t have that. Nonetheless, I ended ordering the Phad Woon Sen (stir-fried glass noodles) with chicken, egg and vegetables. It was kind of bland and the chicken was dry. The only redeeming thing about this dish is the decent portion size.

IMG_2917Grace had the Khao Phad Gai (chicken fried rice) with egg and vegetables.

We had a nice, quiet lunch to talk and laugh about random things and our server was extremely nice and accommodating. While we eventually became the only diners in the restaurant, I couldn’t help notice that the cooks were also having lunch one table over ours. A bit of a faux pas…

The Friendly Thai
1218 Queen St. E
Toronto, ON
M4M 1L7


One thought on “Eat: The Friendly Thai

  1. AHAhahaah ohhh Jennifer! It was an ok lunch, but it was great seeing you! ❤ Thanks for coming down to my area. ❤

    Yeah, it was kinda weird when the cooks were eating with us lol

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