Eat: Skin+Bones

Before I begin, I do want to say that I usually do not agree to have dinner with someone the same day I meet them, but this is exactly what happened while talking to a someone during Grace’s karaoke event about traveling and then to food where I was told I have to go to Skin+Bones, a restaurant in my neighbourhood that I haven’t been to yet.

IMG_2927We started with one of their specials, a charcuterie board with duck bresaola, pork and pistachio terrine,’Nduja sausage, chicken liver mousse and lard.

IMG_2928Cornish Hen with chorizo, corn, and serrano peppers.


House Made Gnocchi with ‘nduja, crushed tomato, and basil. I asked that the stracciatella cheese be omitted. This by far is the best gnocchi I’ve had. Most gnocchi I’ve had are dense and fills me up quickly in just a few bites, but the gnocchi here is light and fluffy. It’s not a heavy main at all.

The atmosphere of Skin+Bones was casual and relaxed, yet still nice for a “date”. The staff were accommodating and worked in such a relaxed manner that we never felt rushed.

Edit: Came back here on November 4, 2016 after a condo viewing. We chose the “Let Us Feed You”, a 4-course dinner for $45 per person where the dishes are surprises. It is a full table participation, meaning everyone at your table must partake in this menu. Do emphasize if you have any food allergies or sensitivities. I advised that I have sensitivities to dairy (plus, I don’t want to have any cheese in dishes because I dislike the smell of cheese in food with the exception of pizza) and ended up getting some cheese in a dish and dessert with cream.

Heirloom Beet Salad – goat cheese, candied walnuts and raspberry gastrique. This is on the current regular dinner menu. Very refreshing and light.
Mackerel Crudo with mustard and frisée salad.
Green Bean Romesco.
Pork and Ricotta Meatballs with pumpkin seed and basil pesto.
Bavette Steak with roasted parsnip, brussels sprouts, caper vinaigrette and veal jus. This is on their current regular dinner menu. Jeff wanted to order this if we didn’t go with the Let Us Feed You. The steak was good, but a little tough with some sinew.
Sticky Toffee Pudding with caramel and chantilly cream. This is available on the regular dessert menu. I’m not a fan of caramel and found it a tad too sweet if I ate the bread pudding with the caramel sauce. Jeff loved this though.

At first when we got the beet salad, crudo and beans, we thought, “this is it?? This is 4-courses?” but those can be considered a few starters. Value-wise, it’s decent as it’s roughly $15/dish, the bavette steak alone is $31, the beet salad is $14 and the dessert is $8. Overall, if you like being surprised, it’s nice to not have to decide what to order. However, if you’re a big eater, it may not fill you up.

980 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1K1


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