Eat: The Red Bench

Summer may be over, but still trying to get my ice cream sandwich fix!

I met up with my brother after his class and we headed to The Red Bench, a dessert shop that offers self-serve homemade frozen yogurt, freshly baked cookies, tea and coffee, and customizable ice cream sandwich.

It is also probably the only shop I’ve been to that offers toppings on your ice cream sandwich.

Ice cream selection is quite limited with just vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream, but what makes up for are selection of cookies.

IMG_2937I got the S’mores cookie (marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate chips) with chocolate ice cream and toasted almonds. Sadly, the cookie was hard, so with every bite, ice cream was shifting and oozing out. Probably not the best cookie choice…

IMG_2938Brookie (brownie cookie) with cookies and cream ice cream and raisins.

I’m going to give The Red Bench another try one day as I feel like it shouldn’t be dismissed with one hard cookie.

The Red Bench
611 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M4Y 1Z5

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