Eat: Fresh Off The Boat

Do any of you watch Fresh Off The Boat? The show is essentially based off of American restauranteur and chef Eddie Huang’s book of the same title and is about growing up as an Asian-American, or more specifically, Chinese-American. Huang himself doesn’t even watch the show as he finds it straying off his experiences, and is quite vocal about it.

I quite like the show for the sake of sitcom and some references I completely understand and relate to, even though my experience growing up in an Chinese-Vietnamese-Canadian household is not quite the same.

When it comes to food however, I relate! We have our own Fresh Off The Boat here in Toronto (unrelated to Eddie Huang), a seafood restaurant where some of the menu item is of course, Asian-inspired.

IMG_2942Softshell Crab Sandwich ($15.95) served with fresh cut fries and broccoli house slaw.

IMG_2941Halibut Fish & Chips ($14.95) with fresh cut fries, house tartar sauce and broccoli slaw. Last time I had fish and chips was on my family trip to Tobermory, where I swore off eating fish and chips for awhile as that’s practically all the little resort town had. However, halibut fish and chips? Why yes, I’ll have that.

A little tidbit, I used to work at a fish and chip booth at CNE where the staff would sneak a few bites of the halibut. The owner wouldn’t allow us to have it because it was expensive (at the time, halibut was $10/pound), instead giving us pollock fish and chips for lunch.

What I did enjoy was the portion of the fish and how lightly battered it was. Fries were okay at best. But looking at the meal as a whole, it’s all fried stuff.

It’s a small shop with limited seating, so it’s mostly a takeout place; you eat in and your food still comes in a takeout box.

Edit: Made a visit to Fresh Off The Boat with Jeff since he’s never been. Since the last visit; Fresh Off The Boat is less busy and my guess is that there are better choices nearby.

Grilled Mahi Mahi (13.99) with Acadian Kale salad. You can have it as a sandwich with fries and slaw. The Mahi Mahi was dry and bland. I don’t recommend getting this.
Jeff got the halibut fish and chips, which is now $15.95.

Fresh Off The Boat
404 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 2A7


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