Eat: Kupfert & Kim @ Front Street Foods

IMG_2964Although Front St. Foods market outside Union Station has closed for the season, it was nice to see how lively the busiest transit hub in Toronto was beyond years of construction.

Kupfert & Kim specializes in wheatless (gluten-free) and meatless (vegan) meals. It’s quite popular with the Bay St. folks, and every time I am in the PATH, I see new food options popping up that are more than just fast food.

They had a booth at the market and I decided to get lunch there after browsing through the market and not wanting anything fried or sandwiches.


I got one of their popular salad, the First Canadian, with quinoa, beets, kale, tempeh, roasted root vegetables (sweet potato), pomegranate seeds, carrots, rainbow radish, purple and white cabbage, pea shoots, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds and a chia tamari maple sauce. For a glorified salad at around $11., it was pretty good. Really colourful, fresh and just full of crunchy texture. I also had tempeh for the first time and I did not like it at all. It was the earthy taste that threw me off. I’m not going to rule it off completely as I think that if I had tempeh in some other form (veggie burger) or something, I might have a different opinion.

I ended up giving the tempeh to my brother, whom was eating a lobster roll from the Fresh Off The Boat stall.


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